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The CrosseEgauge system is a web based system for active real time monitoring of product tank contents, using Crossecom Xatg tank consoles and tank probes.

Using only a web browser to access the CrosseEgauge website, an authorised user is able to view data from multiple Xatg systems, as well as perform site record maintenance, reporting and data exports tasks. The system can be configured for automatic warnings and alarms, and is capable of detecting and recording deliveries to tanks as well as performing passive and active leak detection.

The probes use field proven magnetostrictive technology for liquid level measurement and are built to intrinsic safety regulations (when used with the IS barrier).

The console supports up to 12 probes probes (using 2 safety barriers), and is capable of operating in a standalone fashion, or in communication with the CrosseEgauge server, which allows two way communication to the XATG for data update and information upload.




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