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The CrossESEAL Solution uses reference and motion sensors to monitor the movement of key elements on the product delivery vehicle which control access to INLET MANHOLE COVERS and OUTLET API MANIFOLDS involved in the flow of bulk fuel on the tanker. It is designed to deliver a fully automatic system that requires NO input from the delivery staff, using all solid-state rugged components that can withstand deliberate harsh treatment.

The CrossESEAL system is able to detect any “unauthorised” opening and/or closing of the tanker’s fuel inlet or outlet access points between the terminal and the end customers’ sites thus identifying an attempt of theft or adulteration of fuel in transit, and can determine the geographic location of the vehicle in real-time at all points from dispatch back to the depot, and has the ability to play back the entire trip from system archives.

It can raise an ALERT by sending sms and/or email to supervisors, originated by the equipment on the vehicle, informing when and where unauthorized opening of access points is taking place.

The Head office control system is able to produce a series of reports for the fuel company and the freight company confirming:
⦁ Fuels dispatched from terminals (including dates, times and trucks as required)
⦁ Trip times by dates, times, trucks and delivery sites
⦁ Discharge times at site by date, truck ID
⦁ Automatic Exceptions Report (events which may have occurred that require attention or audit by management)

Importanly, the driver has NO involvement in the operation of the CrossESEAL system. Any attempt to subvert the system will result in some form of alarm:
⦁ If the driver destroys a sensor component, an alarm is sent to the head office server generating sms message and emails to nominated person(s);
⦁ If the driver destroys a vehcile control component, communication from the truck to the head office server is lost, resulting in an alarm and a record of the last known location of the truck;
⦁ If the driver interrupts the GPS signal (parks under high tension power cables or in a tunnel the CrossESEAL system continues to record sensor data and detect whether the truck is actually stationary or is in motion.
⦁ If a driver interrupts GPRS signal (or indeed the vehicle leaves an area where there is GPRS coverage), all data is stored on the controlunit for later transmission when GPRS connection is re-established.

The CrossESEAL system can significantly reduce the current cost associated with ensuring quality and quantity of fuel delivered to end customers’ sites:
⦁ All access points are electronically monitored throughout the trip.
⦁ The location of truck is monitored in real time from the terminal to the customer’s site.
⦁ Oil Company can be satisfied that the product arriving at the customer’s site IS the product that left the terminal. Any attempt to access an outlet manifold or an inlet port will be monitored and reported by Crossecom to the company or a security operative.




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