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Mobifill allows full control and reporting of fuel dispensed from mobile fuelling vehicles to either stationary equipment or other vehicles. As the system is similar to Fastifill, there is no extra steps required during the normal operation of the mobile fuelling vehicle. Data from the destination tank's tag is automatically gathered when the nozzle is placed in the nozzle neck, and the system can immediately determine if fuelling is permitted and if so what restrictions on fuel delivery may be in place. Once the delivery is completed, the sale details (including the locatin of the fuel delivery) is automatically uploaded ot the head office control system

The MobiFill suite is based around a Vehicle Mounted RFID Secured Fuelling Control system, and shares the same head office system with the Fastfill suite (which means that both Mobifill and Fastfill can be used at the same time, with combined control and reporting).

Mobifill is able to be customised for different vehicle pumping methods (PTO, electric or motor powered pump), and involves fitting of flow control solenoids, a high accuracy flowmeter, as well as the RFID enabled nozzle and the Mobifill control unit (with display and pinpad). Various optional interface configurations are available according to client requirements, such as PIN entry, Odometer entry, Driver ID entry, and the system is able to work with both Crossecom vehicle mounted RFID tags, and/or Crossecom handheld RFID tags.

Mobifill benefits:
◊ Uses RFID contactless technology for full accountability
◊ Is an innovative automatic vehicle identification and fuel monitoring system
◊ Speeds up fuelling by automating pre-fuel checks
◊ Automatically applies fuelling restrictions to each individual target vehicle
◊ Eliminates fuelling paperwork completely
◊ Easy, simple, quick and inexpensive to fit—little downtime
◊ Uses passive batteryless tags requiring no connection to the target vehicle electrical system
◊ Has virtually unlimited life for batteryless vehicle tag
◊ Tags are rendered inoperative if removed from vehicle
◊ Central Head Office reporting system
◊ Provides full audit trail
◊ GPS tracking of Fuelling vehicle and system events (sales, location, exceptions)
◊ Virtual tank levelling (when used with Crossecom FASTFILL site system)
◊ Allows odometer based usage reporting
◊ Optimises control over fuel sales
◊ Improves fleet fuelling security
◊ Ensures only authorised vehicles are fuelled
◊ Allows emergency fillings of non-authorised vehicles when necessary — with full audit trail
◊ Optional pinpad odometer reading entry for fuel usage reporting
◊ Optional PIN security




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