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The VeriFill system has been developed by Crossecom to enable commercial clients using their own bulk tanks a means of controlling and accounting for fuel delivered to their vehicles. It has been specifically designed to cater for installation in locations where office infrastructure and communications is limited or non-existent, and there is no requirement for centralised reporting and management.

The system operates independently but it can be accessed remotely using wireless, GPRS, etc to maintain the database. Creation of new vehicles, changing fuel price, activating or de-activating tags is easily performed.

Fuelling restrictions can be applied against individual vehicles such as:
◊ Maximum volume per filling
◊ Maximum number of fillings per day
◊ Maximum volume per week

VeriFill uses RFID technology and FastFill batteryless, RFID tags to identify vehicles. The dispenser will only allow fuel to be dispensed to an authorized vehicle and each “sale” transaction records the following information:
◊ Date and time of fuelling
◊ Type of fuel and volume dispensed
◊ Sale amount (if charging)
◊ Vehicle make, model, registration
◊ Options for separate driver identification and odometer readings

The system provides a real-time view of what is happening at the dispenser showing current status, last “sale”, tank volume and current prices set.

Alerts can be initiated for low tank volume or attempts to use de-activated tags.

Analysing data is simple. Either view on-line or download the data for importing to Excel or your financial or ERP system.




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