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Integrated Fleet and Fuel Management System

As with ISSAS, Crossecom's FastFILL fuel system is setting new standards in systems excellence.

This fuel pump delivery system is designed to maximise the security of fleet operations, by providing an automated fuel control and payment system that uses batteryless radio frequency identification techniques to identify fleet vehicles, their operators and their fuelling requirements. It is said to be the most complete and foolproof fuel security system available in the world.

The system automatically processes account and credit payments, eliminating the need for card, cash or coupon use.

When used in-conjunction with Crossecom's ISSAS, FastFILL provides a comprehensive, integrated management and accounting system for service stations.

Immediately on making its recent commercial debut, the system was bought by the Singapore Department of Defence, for use by all its vehicles.

The system is seen as having world-wide application, for a wide variety of fleet operations including transport companies, taxi fleets, armed services fleets, courier companies, road service fleets, public utility service vehicles etc.

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